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R2D2 Budgie (Video)

R2D2 Budgie (Video) »

A blue budgie does a spot-on impression of R2-D2….

Real Transformer (Video)

Real Transformer (Video) »

Kenji Ishida and JS Robotics created this awesome transformer robot which shifts from car to humanoid mode and back in…

iRobot Dance Robolution (Video)

iRobot Dance Robolution (Video) »

As part of their iRobot Dance Robolution campaign, Roomba got dancers like Marquese Scott (aka NONSTOP) and Marie Poppins to…

World’s Fastest Cigarette Roller  (Video)

World’s Fastest Cigarette Roller (Video) »

A man in Peru rolls cigarettes like a machine….

Bag Guy Has Mad Skills (Video)

Bag Guy Has Mad Skills (Video) »

Awesome Indian bagger working at the Chennai Silks store shows you how to turn an ordinary thing into something exciting….

Awesome Indian Action Scene (Video)

Awesome Indian Action Scene (Video) »

This is a sequence from the Kollywood movie Endhiran aka The Robot, directed by famous Tamil filmmaker Shankar, and it…