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Cat Begs For Faucet Water

Cat Begs For Faucet Water »

Mini, this beautifully colored cat stood on top of a bathroom counter. She then began to meow very vocally as…

Raccoon Washes Face

Raccoon Washes Face »

Every morning this raccoon comes in and goes straight to the bathroom. He then begins to get ready for the…

Cat Lays in Sink

Cat Lays in Sink »

This cat was having a relaxing moment while lying in the bathroom sink. It turned the faucet on and drank…

Baby Owl Takes a Bath

Baby Owl Takes a Bath »

This baby owl was unsure how to feel when his owner gave him a bath. They wiped his claws and…

Newborn Baby Gets Hair Washed

Newborn Baby Gets Hair Washed »

This newborn baby laid back and relaxed as she got her hair washed. She closed her eyes and moved her…

Parakeet Gets a Bath

Parakeet Gets a Bath »

This colorful parakeet named bubbles was due for his routine bath. He danced and moved around under the faucet as…

‘Oriental Faucet’ Jam Session (Video)

‘Oriental Faucet’ Jam Session (Video) »

A loud faucet (or the sink?) making a didgeridoo-like noise gives these Russian guys inspiration for an impromptu concert in…

Incredibly Loud Faucet (Video)

Incredibly Loud Faucet (Video) »

This video is titled ‘Scotland’s Loudest Tap’. I’ve never been to Scotland, I have no idea what kind of faucets…

Chameleon Washing Hands (Video)

Chameleon Washing Hands (Video) »

A chameleon washes his hands under the kitchen sink faucet….

Smart Cow Turns on the Faucet (Video)

Smart Cow Turns on the Faucet (Video) »

A cow figured out how to get water by turning on the faucet with her horns….