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About to Die Guy (Video)

About to Die Guy (Video) »

You may remember Rhett & Link’s video about the ‘Famous Last Words‘, but Jeff Wysaski of Pleated-Jeans did it first…

Famous Last Words (Video)

Famous Last Words (Video) »

In their latest video, titled ‘Famous Last Words’, Rhett & Link illustrate 29 things you should never say. Or do….

Nerd vs Geek Rap Battle (Video)

Nerd vs Geek Rap Battle (Video) »

An epic rap battle between nerds and geeks, brought to you by Rhett and Link….

Goth Boy (Video)

Goth Boy (Video) »

Rhett and Link star in ‘Goth Boy’, the newest episode of Youtube series ‘Written by a Kid‘….

Dope Dancing Zebra (Video)

Dope Dancing Zebra (Video) »

Rhett and Link present a dancing zebra! It’s dope, but it ain’t real. You’ll see……

Christmas Carols – Youtube Caption Fail (Video)

Christmas Carols – Youtube Caption Fail (Video) »

Rhett and Link have fun with Youtube’s automatic closed captions feature and sing the lyrics it generated for famous Christmas…