Man Survives 7-Story-Fall Trying to Escape from Wife’s House Arrest (Photo)

Man Survives 7-Story-Fall Trying to Escape from Wife's House Arrest

Photo: Yekaterina Horoshko via

An Estonian man survived a seven-story fall trying to escape through his apartment’s window after wife locked him in. The 35-year-old attempted to descend from the 8th floor using a rope he made out of bed sheets. Eyewitness Yekaterina Horoshko captured the failed escape on camera.

Yekaterina told Postimees that the incident took place around 13:30 on February 13 at Linnamäe road in Tallinn’s Lasnamäe district.

‘He began descending from the eighth story. He succeeded climbing one story down, but the sheet didn’t withstand the weight at the seventh story,’ said the lady.

The man fell into the bushes. She considers him lucky, adding that the snow must have padded his fall. He was able to walk into the ambulance under his own power.

Police spokesman Ilmar Kahro confirmed the story: ‘The man said his wife locked him in. Wanting to go meet his friends, he decided to escape from the apartment with a rope made from bed sheets.’

Postimees via ERR