Tiny Meysi Could be World’s Smallest Dog (Video)

Tiny Meysi Could be World's Smallest Dog

Meysi is barely bigger than a bottle of nail polish. Photo: Anna Pohl /jarocińska.pl

Meet Meysi, a tiny Terrier crossbreed from Jarocin, Poland, who is is unwittingly vying for the title of World’s Smallest Living Dog. Meysi weighed just 1.58 ounces at her birth three months ago and her owner Anna Pohl wasn’t sure the cute puppy would survive.

“It’s a miracle Meysi is even alive. When her mother Pusia started giving birth to her litter, I thought at first she had passed a piece of placenta and was about to throw it away when it suddenly started moving,” Pohl told the local paper, the Gazeta Jarocinska.

Pohl kept Meysi warm with her body heat and started feeding the terrier frequently.

“The worst was the first six weeks,” she said. “Zero sleep. I was feeding her day and night, every half hour. Sometimes I ran out of strength, had to call out of work.”

Now, three months later, Meysi only weighs about 3.25 ounces, despite constant feeding. Veterinarians do not think Meysi will grow much more.

Guinness World Records guidelines specify that dogs must be at least one year old to be recognized as the smallest dog. The current record holder for the world’s smallest living dog is Boo Boo the chihuahua from Kentucky.

via NYDailyNews