Wedding Party Falls Into Lake in Michigan(Video)

Wedding Party Falls Into Michigan Lake

A Michigan wedding party fell into lake after the dock they were standing on gave away.

Newlyweds Eric and Maegan Walber and their entire bridal party were at Bay Pointe Inn on Gun Lake in Shelbyville, taking wedding pictures on the lake, when the boat dock suddenly collapsed underneath them.

The Groom told WOOD-TV that they were on the dock for about 30 seconds when it started to lean and tilt. Eric said he knew just a split second before the dock collapsed what was about to happen:

“I saw the thing starting to tilt, and I’m like, ‘Oh, yup, this is going to happen,'” he said.

The wedding party laughed it off, the couple said. Maegan Walber said the plunge made her wedding day all the more memorable:

“It makes for a good story,” she said. “We’ll be telling our grandkids.”

Videogum via Gawker