Chinese HS Students Get IV Drips While Cramming for Exams

IV drips for cramming high school students in China

IV drips in classroom at Xiaogan No.1 High School Foto:

Students in a Chinese high school were given intravenous drips to help them in studying for their exams, reports ITN.

Photos posted on a Chinese microblogging website Sina Weibo show students at Xiaogan No.1 High School in Hubei province hooked up to IV drips of amino acids while cramming for the Gaokao, a national college entrance exam that may determine their entire future.

Apparently, the Chinese government is giving a 10-yuan amino acid subsidy to each student who takes this year’s Gaokao, and for the sake of convenience, the school decided to arrange IV drip sessions right in the classroom.

Of course, the whole thing raised quite a stir in China.

via ChinaSMACK