Update: DPAF Is on Vacation!

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Hey everyone!

I’ll be flying out of the country for couple weeks which also means I’ll have limited access to the internet. I haven’t been blogging full time anyway, but I’ve been spending all of my free time running this blog and, since I also have a regular job, I just need to take some time off before I go berserk.

I’ll continue to update the blog, but there won’t be any daily picdumps and timelapses until I come back because it takes a lot of time to search and find all of those.

In the meantime, you could head over to Pleated-Jeans where my friend Jeff also posts picdumps. Make sure you also check out the archives, there’s been 450 picdumps on Daily Picks and Flicks so far, that’s like over 6500 pictures published – you probably haven’t seen all of them.

I’ll do my best to post a couple of new videos every day. As usual, a lot of them will be posted here first and are likely to go viral, so don’t forget to check them out.  I already have some youtube gems in store for you. :) If there are no updates on any given day, it probably means I’m on a plane or couldn’t get to a computer. In that case I recommend visiting all the awesome websites on my blogroll.

This notice will be at the top of the page during the whole time that I’m gone so that people looking for picdumps and timelapses know what’s going on.

First published on Thursday, 12 April, 2012.
UPDATE: I’m enjoying my last few days of vacation before returning home. Daily picdumps and timelapses will be back on Monday, May 7th.