Panda Eating Meat Caught on Camera in China (Video)

eating a dead wildebeest

A wild panda eating meat has been caught on camera in Pingwu County, southwest China’s Sichuan Province, for the first time. The moment a panda turned carnivore, gnawing bones of a dead wildebeest for two hours, was recorded on an infrared camera in the Laohegou forest area.

Pandas are typically known to eat only bamboo shoots, but according to Chen Youping, deputy director of Forestry Department of Pingwu County, it is not unknown for the beasts to eat meat.

“The reason why pandas eat meat is because it used to eat meat millions of years ago,” he said.

“Now they mainly eat bamboos, but we occasionally see bones of dead animals in pandas’ excrement during our years of field work,” he added.

It is the first time a panda eating meat has been clearly seen, according to local workers in the forest area.