Indian Snake Charmer Releases Cobras in Tax Office (Video)

Snakes released in Indian tax office

Snake charmer Hukkul Khan released dozens of snakes, including cobras, in a tax office in northern India after claiming officials had demanded bribes from him.

Clerks jumped onto tables as the snakes slithered around the floor of the building in the town of Harraiya, in Uttar Pradesh.

No-one was bitten or injured and the snakes were eventually captured by police and workers from the state’s forestry department .

Locals said that Mr Khan was frequently called in when snakes had been spotted in the area and that he has saved many lives over the years. He has written to various officials demanding a plot of land where he can “conserve” his snakes.

Mr Khan said his request has been cleared by senior officials in the revenue department, but officials lower down asked for pay-offs and he did not have money to meet their demands.