Loyal Chinese Dog Will Not Leave Owner’s Grave (Video)

Loyal Chinese Dog Will Not Leave Owner's Grave

A loyal dog has moved the people of Panjiatun village in China. The yellow dog is guarding the grave of its deceased owner Lao Pan, a single man, who died earlier this month, aged 68.

After his room was cleared his dog disappeared, but later villagers found him by the grave of its owner. Reports say that for seven days, the dog stayed there, refusing to leave.

Seeing that the dog was going without food, the villagers tried to take it back to the village and gave it some buns.

The dog took the buns and returned to the graveyard.

Now the villagers are sending food and water to the dog regularly and plan to put up a kennel for it near its owner’s grave.

The story is reminiscent of Edinburgh’s Greyfriar Bobby, a Skye terrier who history recalls spent 14 years at his master’s grave in the 19th century.

He is now immortalized with a bronze statue in the city and has his own website.