Nutty Squirrels Posing for Photos by Kathy Pruyn (Picture Gallery)

Retired postwoman Kathy Pruyn captures funny photos of two grey squirrels in various scenes like playing the piano, singing, pushing a wheelchair, and playing on a skateboard. She lures them by placing peanuts and peanut butter among toys in her garden in Tampa, Florida.

pool shooting

Taking his friends for a ride.

another 2 points!

Guess who!!?

It is so hot in Florida.....

trying to loose that extra 3 ounces

"Open mic" night at the Woods Theatre

Celebrating Labor Day

Summer Fun

an outdoor concert

The Good Son

scene 6

Almond Joy Airlines

great on turns....

Going Fishing

decorating his tree

peanuts...lots and lots of peanuts

Get a Room

I did it....

'wish she would go to the store & get me some peanuts'

Would you hire this guy?

Shopping --- without the kids

...yes, I can hear you now.....

I wonder where my friends are?

The Babysitter


No, No, -- I'm not pushing till we hit snow...

P Nutty - Rock Star

The Teenage Squirrel


Photo credit/source: Kathy Pruyn