Stacie Crimm Dies to Save Her Unborn Baby Daughter (Video)

Stacie Crimm Dies to Save Her Unborn Baby Daughter

Newly-pregnant Stacie Crimm made the ultimate sacrifice – and she got her dying wish. After she was diagnosed with neck cancer, the 41-year-old Oklahoma mom decided to refuse chemotherapy so her unborn baby daughter could live instead.

The heroic mom survived for five months before she delivered her daughter, Dottie Mae, and even managed to hold her on one occasion before succumbing to the disease three days later.

Crimm, of Ryan, Okla., “laughed and cried all at once” when she discovered in March that she was pregnant, because she had been told she would never be able to have children, her brother Ray Phillips told

The expectant mom sent more than 150 text messages to her brother in the months that followed, many of which detailed her severe headaches and double vision.

“I’m worried about this baby,” Crimm wrote.

“I hope I live long enough to have this baby,” read another message. “Bubba, if anything happens to me, you take this child,” the single mom wrote.

Months later, in July, a CT scan revealed Crimm had head and neck cancer. Phillips told the website his sister “agonized only for a while” before deciding against taking potentially life-saving chemotherapy in hopes that she would deliver a healthy baby.

After collapsing in her home in mid-August, doctors said the invasive tumor has begun wrapping itself around Crimm’s brain stem. The baby’s heart rate began to plummet and Crimm’s heart stopped 90 minutes later. Doctors rushed to resuscitate Crimm and decided it was best to deliver the 2-pound, 1-ounce Dottie May by cesarean section.

Stacie Crimm Dies to Save Her Unborn Baby Daughter

Crimm’s condition briefly improved, but she often fell unconscious and was unable to sign the child’s birth certificate. Since she had not identified the baby’s father, Phillips gained guardianship of the girl.

Crimm was once again resuscitated on Sept. 8 and had her first chance to hold Dottie Mae as nurses and doctors in protective gear looked on. Three days later, Crimm died.

Last week, Phillips fulfilled his promise to his sister by taking home a healthy 5-pound girl to live with his wife and the girl’s four new siblings.

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