Vietnamese Girl Mysteriously Ages Overnight (Video)

Believe it or not, Nguyen Thi Phuong, woman from the picture, is just 26-year-old.

Doctors have speculated on the cause of her 70-year-old granny look, with possible reasons including medicinal poisoning, allergy to certain medications and the overuse of medicines with corticoid.

Others suspect she may have an endocrine, genetic disorder, or even cutaneous mastocytosis – a disorder caused by too many mast cells, which shows itself through a number of symptoms including skin lesions and itching.

Her problems with aging started back in 2008, when Phuong suffered an allergic reaction and began taking a variety of medications prescribed for it.

Besides looking old, Phuong is in perfect health. Doctor Mai The Trach, former chairman of the Ho Chi Minh City Endocrine Association, said that she only looks old but does not have any symptoms of age.

She has a good memory and her internal organs are healthy.

Full story:  AsiaOne Health

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