Light Plane Crashes into Man’s Bedroom in Argentina (Video)

Light aircraft crashes into bedroom


A light plane has crashed into the bedroom of a house in Argentina, while the owner was sleeping in there. Roberto Mendez was taking his afternoon siesta when the plane came crashing down:

“I got scared and ran out of the room to downstairs. And when I realize a bit of what was happening I went back and saw that a lot of gasoline was coming in and dripping all over. So I went back down to cut the electricity in fear of a fire starting. And then I went up and saw the two crew getting out of the small plane and the hole in my roof of my house which was completely destroyed. All the furniture is broken and there is gasoline everywhere. And I am just freaked out. I got scared. It was frightening,” Mr Mendez said.

The Star Light LV-X-207 aircraft took off at a nearby flying club but started to lose altitude very quickly.

The pilot, 59-year-old Guillermo Thomas and his passenger, 53-year-old Remilly Molini suffered only minor injuries and were soon released from the local hospital.

Firefighters have blocked off access to the home because the plane crash had caused structural damage and the house could still collapse.