Pilot Rescued after Emergency Landing in Ocean off Hawaii (Video)

Cessna 310 Ditches off Hawaiian Coast

Charles Brian Mellor, a 65-year-old pilot flying from California to Hawaii, had to make an emergency landing in the Pacific Ocean Friday night after his plane ran out of gas. He was flying a Cessna 310 twin-engine aircraft out of Monterey when he was forced to ditch the plane 13 miles off the coast of Hilo.

The 65-year-old of Puerto De Santa Maria, Spain, radioed federal aviation authorities when he was about 500 miles out to let them know that he was low on fuel. The Coast Guard deployed rescue crews to assist the pilot in executing a safe emergency landing.

But the plane ran out of fuel before help could reach the pilot, forcing him to ditch. When rescue crews reached him, he was coherent, able to talk and without significant injury. The man was taken to Hilo Medical Center for evaluation.