Jack the Sheep Thinks It’s a Dog (Video)

Jack the Sheep Thinks It's a Dog

Jack, a six-month-old British sheep, raised with a springer spaniel thinks it is also a dog. Jack fetches sticks, wears a collar and a lead, jumps up on his hind legs, makes ‘hilarious’ attempts to bark like a dog and tries to round up sheep, according to his owner Alison Sinstadt.

She told News Today: “He makes this strange half baa, half woof noise which everyone finds hilarious.

“Jack doesn’t even recognize sheep as his own kind as he tries to herd them up when he’s in a field with them.

“He was born one of three lambs, which is quite rare. He was very small and we decided to bring him in the house and put the hairdryer on him and forced him to drink milk.

“He thinks he’s a dog, but he doesn’t eat dog food. He grazes along the canal towpath. He is very much part of the family now. We wouldn’t want him ending up as lamb chops.”

via Arbroath