Puppy Rescued From Crack In Texas (Video)

Puppy Rescued From Crack In Texas

A one-month-old puppy was rescued after it fell through cracks in the Texas ground created by the hot, dry summer. Animal control officers spent 40 minutes digging the puppy out of a large crack in a backyard in Garland, Texas

Ten-year-old Ketrick Sanders only had the dog for a day before it disappeared into the crack.

When he came out to check on him Thursday morning the dog was missing from his outdoor cage.

“I hear something like a baby whining and walk back and listened with my ears and realized that was the puppy,” said his mother, Fredricka Simon. “My son was bawling. He was on his knees walking around asking everyone if they could help.”

Three Garland Animal Control officers came out to the house and rescued the puppy.

A veterinarian recommended the traumatized puppy return to live with his mother until he’s stronger.

Ketrick said he plans to name the puppy Lucky, Blessed or Miracle when he gets the dog back.