Did You Know: Inuit Village Mystery

Did you know that back in 1930 an entire village of 2,000 men, women and children allegedly mysteriously disappeared?

In 1930, a newsman in The Pas, Manitoba, reported on a small Inuit village right off of Lake Angikuni. The village had always welcomed the fur trappers who passed through occasionally.

But in 1930 Joe Labelle, a fur trapper well known in the village, found that all the villagers had gone. He found unfinished shirts that still had needles in them and food hanging over fire pits.

Even more disturbing, he found seven sled dogs dead from starvation and a grave that had been dug up.

He reported this to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who conducted a search for the missing people – no one was ever found!

The RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) has since dismissed the case as an urban legend, claiming that the story originated in the book Stranger Than Science by Frank Edwards.

Despite the modern RCMP explanation, an older one can be found from 1931, issued by the RCMP itself after an investigation that the modern RCMP does not acknowledge.

The 1931 RCMP considered the whole story untrue, although later investigations indicate there may have been some permanent or seasonal abandonment of structures by their occupants, a normal event that could be confusing to anyone not familiar with the area and conditions.