The Cat Says The Lid Stays Closed Song (Video)

Stubborn Kitty

By now you may have seen Miku, the cat that likes to keep lids closed. That video started its road to viral fame right here on Daily Picks and Flicks, but now Jonathan Mann decided to make Miku even more famous by dedicating a song to her called ‘The Cat Says The Lid Stays Closed Song‘. Jonathan has been writing and recording one song per day, every day, since January 1, 2009, for his Song a Day project. This is his song number 972:

Thanks, Jonathan!


you may think that i’m just a normal cat
with normal cat like powers
you may think that lie in the sun
and while away the hours
but i am queen of this domain
and you have better obey my rule
i may chase after little red lights
but i am nobody’s fool

so the lid stays closed
oh, the lid stays closed
you may think that you own this joint
that only shows how little you noes

when i was young i was an idiot
i didn’t know how to get my way
now i’m older and take what i want
no matter what you say
and there are certain things around this house
that i simply just can’t stand
an open lid is one of them
you stupid, silly man