Ghost of a Little Girl Haunting Museum in Naples? (Video)

Is National Archaeological Museum in Naples haunted? Let us see what will paranormal experts say, but according to workers who are carrying out overnight renovations, there is definitely something spooky going on.

“There is something strange that happens at nights in this museum. Objects inside get mysteriously moved or vanish, and there are the apparitions as well,” one of them said.

Workers also told to the local press they have heard chilling screams and felt temperatures suddenly plunge.

The architect responsible for works, Oreste Albareno, tried to reassure the men by spending a night with them, but ended up also being convinced the museum was haunted, Italian daily Il Mattino reported.

Mr. Albareno told the paper that he had managed to take a photo of what he believed to be a ghost on his mobile phone.

“It shows a little girl but there was no little girl on the site,” he said.

Museum director Valeria Sampaolo had called in the ghost hunters to solve the mystery and get the building works back on track, Daily Mail reports.