Man Drives with Coffin on Passenger Seat of His Car (Video)

Ivano De Marchi with his coffin. Photo:

A man has been seen driving around the Veneto region in Italy, with an unusual passenger in a Mercedes-Benz SL. Ivano De Marchi of Marcon, near Venice, put a coffin on the car seat of his convertible and took it on several trips around the country prompting passersby to laugh at the bizarre spectacle.

The 65-year-old decided to start this odd pilgrimage after St. Mary of Mount Berico appeared in his dream and told him that his atavistic struggle against mayor of his town would come to an end if he put a coffin in his car and made thousand journeys to a thousand churches in the Veneto. The whole thing goes back to 1988. when De Marchi build a motocross track, which the mayor knocked down with bulldozers.

Cops already stopped De Marchi several times during his rides, made him take a breathalyzer test and checked inside of the coffin just to make sure there is no one in there. But since his weird cargo was safely strapped to the car, he was eventually allowed to continue his journey.

“A thousand churches are many, but in a few weeks I should do it,” he said optimistically to