Yvonne the Runaway Cow Wanted Dead or Alive (Video)

cow close up

A runaway cow named Yvonne has become a media star in Germany and Austria. Yvonne has been on the loose since May when she escaped from the farm where she was being fattened up for slaughter.

It seemed she would never be seen again – until last week the cow made a big mistake: She ran onto a road and was nearly hit by a police car.

After that, officials decreed that she must be killed for the sake of citizens’ safety, according to The Local.

Yvonne the German Fugitive Cow

Yvonne has become known for grazing at night, like a deer. Photo: Screenshot Youtube.

Concerned animal rights activists hope they can find her before the police and spare her life. Germany’s leading newspaper, Bild, put up a $14,000reward for her capture earlier this week.

But an Austrian animal sanctuary, which has offered to buy Yvonne to spare her another traumatic trip to the slaughterhouse, is resorting to more unusual means to find the fugitive cow.

A “cow whisperer” has been communicating with Yvonne every day by telepathy, Britta Freitag from the Aiderbichl sanctuary near Salzburg, told the Austria Press Agency Friday.

The cow apparently understood she would not be harmed but remained too afraid to show herself following the distressing transfer from her Austrian farm to Bavaria, according to these telepathic conversations.

Efforts to locate the bovine animal by helicopter and using infrared cameras were unsuccessful, although she was reportedly sighted twice Thursday, before vanishing again into the wild.

Even a tracker with experience in Africa has been trying to find her trail.Last week, a bull named Ernst was brought in to try to romance the clever animal. But they soon discovered that the bull had been castrated, and the idea was a flop.

The Hindu community recently issued a statement calling for German authorities to withdraw permission for hunters to shoot her, saying the decision was ill advised.