Babysitter Puts Baby with Stroller in Back of a Moving Truck (Video)

Keyona Davis Puts Baby with Stroller in Back of a Truck

Keyona Davis, a 23-year-old babysitter from Daytona Beach, Florida, was caught transporting a baby in a stroller in the back of a moving truck.

Police said she was riding along in the bed of the a pickup truck with the 8-month-old baby boy and stroller. The pickup was pulled over after several stunned drivers called 911.

Davis was booked on child neglect charges and the male driver was cited for reckless driving.

The baby’s mother was said to have been in tears when police told her what happened. The child was not injured.

Davis was reportedly released from prison last January and has a criminal history which includes car theft, cocaine possession, shoplifting and disorderly conduct, among other offenses.

Keyona faced a judge Thursday, and didn’t seem to understand that what she had done was wrong.

“It’s not like they give you a hand book or anything on how, what’s neglect and what’s not neglect,” Davis said.

No, but they should give you common sense.

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