Lovesick Seal Jumps Over 4ft Fence at St Andrews Aquarium (Video)

Laurel the seal at St Andrews Aquarium

Laurel, the resident seal at St Andrews Aquarium, jumped over a 4ft fence to welcome new seal pup, Togo, to the aquarium. The amazing moment has been captured on CCTV footage.

Togo, a one year old seal pup who was flown Denmark to his new home at St Andrews Aquarium, was in a separate pool to allow him time to adjust to his new surroundings. He was brought in to mend Laurel’s broken heart after she was separated from her mate Hardy during a freak storm last year.

Aquarium bosses had planned to formally introduce the two earlier this week, but lonely Laurel couldn’t wait to meet her new companion so she decided to take matters into her own flippers, just fifteen minutes after the Aquarium has closed for the evening.

Security camera footage from the Aquarium shows the 200 lbs seal making several unsuccessful attempts to scale the barrier fencing, hampered by her sheer size and physical make up.

However, despite physical challenges, Laurel is seen using her front flippers to hoist her large, heavy body onto the top of the barrier, before wobbling slightly and eventually toppling over the fence to the other side to meet Togo.

The barrier between both enclosures has now been taken down so Laurel and Togo have both pools to swim in together.

Via Arbroath