Oregon Vet Gives Injured Bald Eagle Mouth-To-Beak CPR (Video)

Dr. Jeff Cooney gives cpr to injured bald eagle

Dr. Jeff Cooney performing CPR on injured bald eagle. Photo: Jeannette Bonomo/ktvz.com

A vet from Bend, Oregon has saved an injured bald eagle by giving him  mouth-to-beak CPR.

Dr. Jeff Cooney of Bend Veterinary Clinic performed an exam and physical therapy when, under anesthesia, the bald eagle named ‘Patriot’ stopped breathing. Veterinarian’s mouth-to-beak CPR got the eagle breathing again.

The injured eagle was discovered by three La Pine women mushroom-hunting near Crane Prairie Reservoir last month. The eagle was apparently hit by a car and badly injured with head trauma, spinal cord trauma and a fractured wing.

injured bald eagle

Patriot the bald eagle recovering from anesthesia. Photo:Jeff Cooney/ktvz.com

KTVZ-TV reports the bald eagle is continuing to get better as raptors vets are staying optimistic. But, Dr. Cooney says he’s uncertain Patriot will ever be able to return to the wild.

And if he’s unable to fully recovery, Cooney said they could be forced to euthanize him, rather than continue living in pain.

The next three weeks should tell the tale.

“If he could live, any facility (for raptors) would like to have him,” Cooney said. “He was just hurt so bad.”