Looking for Meaning of Life? Try Inside a Coffin! (Video)

In an attempt to improve and find a meaning to their lives, more and more South Koreans are taking the unusual steps and are trying to find “revelations” inside a coffins!

The people remain inside coffins for a total of ten minutes and many say the near-death experiences have helped them to achieve long lasting inner peace.

They write goodbye letters, attend their own funeral, and lie in a closed wooden casket.

Seminar costs 25 US dollars, and many firms see the sessions as an inventive way to stimulate productivity. The Kyobo insurance company, for example, has required all 4,000 of its employees to attend fake funerals.

“People come to die in order to learn how to live”, says the 39-year-old Jung Joon, who runs the Coffin Academy.

Wanna give it a try?

Via: Telegraph and LA Times