Finger Digit Ratio Can Tell the Size of Someone’s Penis, Scientists Claim

According to Korean scientists, the ratio between the second and fourth finger, known as digit ratio, is linked to stretched penis length.

The scientists descended on 144 Korean men aged 20 or older. The hand in question was the right one and the fingers were the second and fourth – otherwise known as index and ring.

“According to our data, the shorter index (second) finger than ring (fourth) finger you have, the longer stretched penile length you have,” wrote Tae Beom Kim for Asian Journal of Andrology.

Before you start checking out your own fingers, or anyone’s around you, you need a “digital Vernier calliper” accurate to 0.01mm just to be sure. You measure the ventral surface of the fingers, from the crease at the palm to the tip.

The scientists discovered that while each man’s height, ring finger length and digit ratio were all associated with the size of penis, the digit ratio was the sole “significant predictive factor” for stretched penis length.

So, the closer in length your two fingers are, the bigger weapon you’re hiding in your pants, Korean scientists claim.

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