Egyptian Strongman Fights a Lion in a Cage (Video)

Egyptian strongman Al Sayed al Essawy, who claims he has supernatural abilities that make him strongest man alive, has confronted a lion in a cage in order to lift his country out of its post-revolution economic slump.

Al Essawy stepped into a steel cage with a 660-pound lion, but the beast looked pretty much bored. One man in the crowd claimed it had just been fed a whole donkey and was therefore sleepy.

After twenty minutes of staring at each other, lion briefly roused itself for a short roar, but when Al Essawy hardened his jaw and grinned aggressively, the lion sat down.

Al Essawy called the beast a coward and declared victory.

The fight drew condemnation from animal-rights activists and tourism officials, while Egypt’s tourism minister, Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour, vowed this month to personally prevent the “barbaric” act from taking place by demanding that the ministry of interior intervene to stop the fight, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Al Essawy insisted that his intent was never to kill the lion, only to force it into surrender. He said idea was to send a message to the world that “in Egypt you can see events that you can’t see anywhere else.

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