Marauder: World’s Most Unstoppable Vehicle on BBC’s Top Gear (Video)

Top Gear

BBC’s Top Gear has introduced the ‘world’s most unstoppable and indestructible vehicle’ ever – the Paramount Marauder.

The Marauder, a ten-ton military vehicle designed by the South African manufacturing Paramount Group, was tested on Top Gear by Jeremy Clarkson’s co-presenter Richard Hammond, who conducted a series of tests to show just what the vehicle can do on the battlefield, the Daily Mail reported.

Marauder lion

Hammond blasted through brick walls in Johannesburg without even slowing, and he even placed seven pounds of plastic explosive under the Marauder to see what damage it caused.

The vehicle barely even had a scratch, and the only damage it sustained was to a piece of trim and a flat rear tire.

For comparison, a Hummer was blown to pieces by the same amount of explosive during the test. Watch the impressive demonstration: