The Video Everyone is Talking About: UFO Over London

According to YouTube user who posted the footage, incident was filmed near the BBC Radio One building two days ago. Like always, there is an ongoing discussion about whether the video is real or fake.

Interesting comments from YouTube:

Cut to 1.51 and see how one of the UFOs instead of disappearing over the building, overlaps and ends up as a smudge on a roof.


This was filmed outside the office of ‘The Mill’ 40-44 Clipstone Street. Click on the first video in the suggested videos, same place different day.but they are in their office.

The Mill creates pioneering visual effects for the advertising, music, television and film industries. We craft commercials, music videos and generate compelling film and TV. We build installations, projections, applications and create multi-media content and experiences.


They’re very similar to the ones which appears in some NASA’s videos (you can check them on youtube) and that’s why I believe it’s true!!