Man Robs Bank For Just $1 to Get Health Care in Jail (Video)

A North Carolina man robbed bank for a dollar just so he could get health care in prison. James Verone, 59, said he hopes his “crime” would earn him a three-year jail sentence, during which he could undergo surgery on his back and his foot and have a painful lump on his chest diagnosed and treated.

He is currently being held in Gaston County Jail and is scheduled to appear in court June 28.  Since it is unlikely he will be kept behind bars for more than 12 months, Verone says he plans to rob again.

The robbery followed three years of hardship for Verone, who after losing his job of 17 years as a Coca-Cola delivery man tried desperately to land steady work.

But after short stints as a truck driver and a part time convenience store clerk, Verone was once again jobless, forced to live off savings and food stamps.

Without health insurance, Verone tolerated chronic back aches and a pain in his left foot that made him limp. But when he noticed a lump on his chest, he turned to his last resort, reports ABC News.

So he handed a Gastonia bank teller a note demanding a single dollar and claiming to have a gun. He then walked away and sat down, waiting for police.

The teller who received his perplexing request made a frantic 911 call and was later taken to Gaston Memorial Hospital for high blood pressure. Verone apologized and said to be sorry for causing her any pain.

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