The New Craze: Coneing! (Video)

Forget about planking, if you want to be cool these days, do the coneing! What is it? Read carefully.

“Coneing or Cone-ing” involves ordering a soft serve cone at a fast food restaurant’s drive-through and then grabbing hold of the ice cream, rather than the cone, when served. What will you do next depends on your imagination, but be sure to upload it on Youtube.

Melbourne man Alki Stevens, who has claimed responsibility for starting the trend, began coneing five years ago, but initially did not receive nearly as much attention for the prank, despite uploading videos to YouTube two years ago.

His most recent video, which shows him performing the stunt at a number of fast food restaurants around Melbourne, was posted on the video sharing website week ago and has been viewed more than two million times so far, reports 9 News.

The idea for the strange stunt grew out of his love of “making people uncomfortable and confused”.

Fans from all around the world are sharing his hobby, posting dozens of copycat videos on YouTube. Take a look: