Mommy Tummy: Japanese Pregnancy Simulator Suit (Video)

Mommy Tummy

‘Mommy Tummy’ is a pregnancy simulator suit packed with balloons, sensors, and warm water, developed by Takuya Iwamoto from the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

The device can replicate the 9-month long process in two minutes or it can be worn for a longer period to experience what it feels like day-to-day.

A user wearing the Mommy Tummy jacket can feel the fetus’s temperature, movement, and heartbeat, and, by rubbing the jacket, communicate with the fetus. Within a few minutes, the jacket’s weight and size change, simulating fetal growth over nine months. An auxiliary screen displays the condition of both the fetus and the mother in each simulated month with a 3D model of the fetus. The moods and activity of the fetus are displayed in a natural manner to simulate normal fetal development.