Deer on Power Lines Causes Power Outage in Montana (Video)

Montana deer on power lines

Photo: Lee Bridges/

A dead deer on a power line caused a power outage in East Missoula, Montana. Since it is highly unlikely that this is one of Rudolph’s cousins what probably happened is a bald eagle dropped its prey on its way back to the nest and couldn’t retrieve it.

A NorthWestern Energy crew was called out to restore power and noticed the carcass hanging on the line; one of the workers noted the burn spot on the wires where the fawn made contact, causing the power outage. The NWE crew removed the deer from the line and restored power after about a half-hour outage.

The lineman who removed the carcass from the power line said he had never seen anything like it.

Warning: graphic images, viewer discretion is advised.