Nancy Jean Hildebrand Throws the Wildest Party Ever Hosted by a Teacher

drunk girl

Nancy Jean Hildebrand, 56-year-old middle school teacher was arrested in Valley Center, California for tossing a wild, drunken party for her daughter and about 100 teenagers. 

Teenagers were passed out on couches in their own vomit, and there was even a strip poker game going on in one bedroom involving four girls being photographed by boys.

The party was a joint graduation and birthday party for Mrs Hildebrand’s daughter, a Valley Center High School student. According to police, several teenagers said they saw Hildebrand in the middle of party, drinking with everybody else, and handing out beers to kids. She apparently wore a badge that said: ‘My name is Nancy, I’m (her daughter’s) mom’, reported.

Cops came to the house after several calls complaining about a loud party at which several fights were breaking out.They’ve discovered that most of the rooms were trashed with empty liquor and beer bottles strewed about the house and most of the teenagers, all either 17 or 18, drunk.

During the incident, cops found a boy on a bed on top of a girl who was wearing only a small bikini. The two 17-year-olds later disappeared, but were found hiding in the back seat of a car.  When the cop tried to get them out of the car, the girl begin hitting him and then bit him on the arm.

He grabbed her by her hair trying to remove her teeth from his arm when her boyfriend started hitting him. The fight went on for a minute or two before other cops could break it up. Their parents had to pick them up at the police station.

When cops found Hilderbrand, she claimed that she was in her bedroom and didn’t know there was any alcohol involved in the party. She was booked on a ‘social hosting’ county ordinance charge which makes it illegal to  host a party where minors are drinking alcohol.