Inspirational Person of the Day: Eddie Kidd Completes London Marathon After 43 Days (Video)

Eddie Kidd, the 51-year-old former stuntman, paralysed and brain-damaged after a motorbike crash, completed the 42km (26 mile) route after 43 days and raised £75,000 for charities Children with Leukaemia and The Eddie Kidd Foundation.

Kidd suffered serious head and pelvic injuries in a stunt bike crash at the Bulldog Bash, held at Long Marston Airfield near Stratford-upon-Avon on 6 August 1996, when a landing went wrong.

Doctors later told his parents that he could be in a coma for up to 10 years, but he regained consciousness within six weeks of the accident.

He started the 2011 London Marathon On 17 April, ditching his wheelchair at the start and walking the rest of the way.

Via: Metro and Wikipedia