Teenager Sells His Kidney for iPad 2 in China

chinese man holding ipad 2

Illustration. Image source: beijingtoday.com.cn

Chinese teenager sold his right kidney to buy a new iPad 2, satellite TV channel Dongfang reported Thursday.

Seventeen-year-old Xiao Zheng from Huaishan, Anhui Province found a buyer on the internet who pledged to pay him 20,000 yuan (over $3,000) for one of his kidney.

Without his parent’s knowledge or consent, Zheng agreed to the transaction, and had his right kidney removed at a hospital in the city of Chenzhou in Hunan province.

Then he bought a new iPad 2 and iPhone and returned home. Zheng’s mother discovered her son’s new electronic products and forced him to reveal how he came to afford them.

She reported the matter to the police who have been attempting to track down the buyers ever since.

Chenzhou 198 Hospital, where Zheng had his surgery, has no qualifications for kidney transplantation. The hospital claimed they had no idea about Zheng’s surgery because the department that did the surgery had been contracted to a Fujian businessman.

Zheng’s health is deteriorating day by day, and his mother said she hopes she will be able to find the criminals who disabled her son.