Russian Man Claims to be the Oldest Person in the World (Video)

Magomed Lavazanov, resident of one small village in Dagestan, allegedly born 121 years ago, claims to be the oldest person in the world.

The official information that could be found about Magomed dates back to the 1960’s when he first moved to Dagestan. In these documents it is said that he was born in 1890, but the rest of the archive proving the exact date and time of his birth was destroyed in a fire in the 1930’s in Chechnya, where he was born.

Recently, the title of “the oldest living person” was awarded by the Guinness Book of Records to a Brazilian woman, Maria Gomes Valentim (114), but his family wants to see him crowned with the title.

“I eat only what I raise myself, I drink milk and eat milk products, and vegetables from my garden. All my life I was a farmer, I worked a lot with buffalos and horses – hard work is good for you,”  he explained to Russia Today reporter when asked about his the elixir of life.

Lavazanov also said he has strictly followed the rules and traditions of his Islamic faith and prays five times every day.

“We had thought to send an application to the Guinness Book of Worlds Records. All of us, all of our family, he has 18 grandsons and 20 grandgrandchildren, believe he truly deserves it,” says Ibragim Labazanov, the son of Magomed.

The Guinness Book of World Records says that applicants must have an original birth certificate issued within 20 years of that birth, as well as proof that the person alive today is the same person in the original certificate.

Original story: Russia Today