Truck Driver Steven McCormack Blew Up Like a Balloon Through Buttocks

trucker Steven McCormack

Steven McCormack

New Zealand truck driver Steven McCormack fell on a compressed air hose that pierced his buttock and forced air into his body blowing him up like a balloon.

Steven McCormack (48) was at Waiotahi Contractors where he worked, standing on his truck’s foot plate when he slipped and fell.

He landed on the hose connected to the semi’s airbrakes and broke it. The nozzle pierced his buttock and began pumping air into his body, which expanded dramatically.

“I felt the air rush into my body and I felt like it was going to explode from my foot,” McCormack told 3News in New Zealand.

“I was blowing up like a football,” he said. “I had no choice but just to lay there, blowing up like a balloon.”

As he screamed, Mr McCormack’s colleagues turned the air off and laid him on his side, saving his life.

Doctors said the air had separated fat from muscle in McCormack’s body, but had not entered his bloodstream. The pressure also caused his lungs to fill with fluid and compressed his heart.

The freak accident left McCormack’s skin crackling with air bubbles. Although doctors were able to extract the excess fluids, the truck driver confided that the air was gradually escaping his body in the way that air usually does.

“You can’t turn a tap on and let it out,” he told 3News. “You just have to burp it out, or fart it out.”

McCormack has since recovered, but it took nearly three days for him to return to his normal size.