What an Embarrassment: Putin Called to Test Drive New Lada, Car Failes to Start (Video)

It doesn’t get much worse than that, does it? You call your Prime Minister to do the honors and test the new model of your car, but vehicle fails to start in front of the nation’s media.

Well, that’s exactly what happened in the city of Togliatti at the AvtoVAZ car plant, where the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin was asked to try out the latest Lada model – the Lada Granta.

Putin got behind the wheel, but failed to start the engine at least five times. But that wasn’t the end of the nightmare.

According to Telegraph, Putin had also struggled to open the car’s boot, and that at least two executives had to get involved to help him.

Ok, so Putin later blamed himself saying he had pressed down on the accelerator too sharply because he had not known that Lada Granta was fitted with an electronic accelerator that needed to be gently pressed, but – God knows why – I still sincerely doubt that will do to persuade you to buy this $8,000 worth vehicle.