Meet Ivan, Amazing Croatian Magnetic and Healing Boy (Video)

Ivan Stoiljković, six-year-old kid from Croatian city Koprivnica, has some really amazing skills. Not only he can carry up to 25 kilograms of metal stuck to his torso, but he also has healing hands and is able to take away the pain from people in pain.

His grandfather Ivo says he helps him ease the stomach pains, while family neighbour Ivan Gašparić claims he doesn’t feels the pain in his leg as long as little Ivan is around (Mr. Gašparić had his leg smashed in a tractor accident couple of years ago).

“When somebody is hurting, I just lay my hands on the hurting spot. After a while, my hands become extremely hot and that’s how I know I’m done with the healing process. At that point I remove remove my hands from the hurting person and the pain goes away”, Ivan told Croatian newspaper Slobodna Dalmacija.

If that wasn’t enough, Ivan, who was struck by electricity year ago and walked as if nothing happened, is unbelievably  strong for his age and is able to easily carry bags of cement as heavy as 50 kilograms.