Chinese Woman Gives Birth to Two-Headed Baby (Video)

Bao Qiaoying, 25-year-old woman from Guangdong Province in China, gave birth to the two-headed baby and surgeons say there is nothing they can do and heads will not be separated.

The little girl also has two spines and one and a half hearts, while other organs are shared.

Bao’s first scan found the baby to be normal, a second scan also suggested there is nothing wrong, but after a third scan last week, doctors discovered “the fetus has two heads, and one body”.

Bao and her husband Liao Guojun decided to abort the fetus, but Bao went into labour shortly after arriving at Suining Central Hospital for the termination.

“It would have been too dangerous to go ahead with the abortion with the mother in labour so we advised them to give birth to the baby. We couldn’t do a separation surgery on the baby. They must live together,” said Doctor Zhang Libin.

Doctors at Suining Central Hospital said it was extremely rare to see a baby with two heads, and it was the first such case in China, reports Orange News.