Osama bin Laden Dead: Pics, Gifs and Video Roundup

So, in case you somehow miraculously missed the news:

obama he's dead animated gif

Of course, news outlets have been covering this story intensively, some more successful than others. Fox News managed to add another fail to their list by typing Obama bin Laden Dead.

fox news fail obama bin laden dead

Global News reporter got it wrong doing the live coverage of Obama’s speech.

Even BBC had a slip up:

bbc obama dead

It was a great day for President Obama, especially after the birth certificate issue. Here’s how the internet saw it:

obama too busy

robocop obama

obama jokes with journalists

i got a funeral obama

george bush crying obama osama funny

mission accomplished obama

obama apprentice speech

obama funny picture

osama bin laden hide and seek

That is all (for now):

obama like a boss speech