Paralysed Artist Surviving by Selling Artistic Works Created with Her Feet (Video)

Zheng Huamei, artist from southeast China’s Fuzhou city who was born with paralysed hands, makes a living by selling artistic works created with her feet.

“I think ordeals in life are there to test a person. If you can’t go past the basic test, how can you survive?” she said.

In order to make her paintings more vivid and detailed, Zheng practices for hours everyday in her seven-square-metre apartment.

Zheng was unable to find a job with a salary due to her disability, so she picked up needlework and weaving skills. Now she earns her income by selling ‘footicrafts’ to tourists in a park in Fuzhou.

Zheng is also able to prepare food, cook and eat with her feet, reports

Via: Nothing To Do With Arbroath