Gas Station Charges $50+ Per Gallon

Yunus G.

Yunus G. showing his bill. Image source:

Drivers in Filderstadt Germany were left with a bitter taste in their mouths after filling up their tanks with gas. One particular fueling station, Esso, was caught charging €9.99 ($14.59) per liter in an effort to deter motorists from filling up. Stations all over Germany were running low because of a nationwide fuel shortage due to the Easter Holiday.

Police were called to the Esso gas station in Filderstadt Monday, after several customers filled up with super unleaded and were shocked by the bill at the cash register. Although signs were posted around the filling station many customers did not notice the warning of the price increase, equivalent to about $50 per gallon.

One customer filled his BMW with 21 liters and was asked to pay €209.98 ($306.93). “I didn’t pay attention to the price. Who expects something like that? Nearly €10 for one litre? It’s a swindle,” Yunus G. said.

Customers stuck with the staggering bills called police, but were told they needed to pay. The gas station had done nothing wrong, police said, because the price was determined by head office.

The drivers eventually paid for their gas, but were hoping to sort out a compromise with Esso Tuesday.