Computer Glitch Opens Grocery Store in New Zealand

cctv footage

A computer glitch at a New Zealand grocery store led to its doors being opened despite being officially closed, allowing shoppers to walk away with free groceries.

Hamilton’s Mill Pak ‘n Save was open for more than eight hours from 1am until someone called police saying people were leaving the shop with “truckloads of groceries“.

Owner Glenn Miller said he suspected the fault was linked to a command canceling the normal opening time for the day. Usually the store opens at 8am every day but it was meant to stay closed for Good Friday.

An embarrassed Mr Miller said he did not know how much stock was taken but he was delighted that 12 people had used the self-service cash registers to pay for items. He says if any of the thieves come in and pay for what they took, the money will be donated to the Red Cross.