Fan Joins Canada vs. Russia Hockey Fight (Video)

canada vs. russia hockey brawl

For the first time ever, 20 British Columbia Hockey League (BCHL) players wore the Maple Leaf and represented Canada at the “Region Centre Cup” Junior Tournament in Podolsk, Russia. They did well and won silver with a 6-3 victory over the U-20 Slovakian National Team in their final, third game.

However, what is most memorable from the whole tournament is the 5-3 win over the u-20 Russian National Team and the incident that happened during the game.

In the third period there was a brawl between teams along the glass, just inside the Russian blueline. Suddenly a drunk Russian fan jumped onto the ice and went after Jayson Reardon. Reardon wrestled the fan to the ice allowing the officials to escort him to the penalty box and then back into the stands for the authorities to deal with him.