Lady Gaga Claims She is Guided by a Ghost (Video)

Lady Gaga has revealed she believes that the ghost of Alexander McQueen, a British fashion designer who committed suicide on 11 February 2010, is helping to orchestrate her career, Marie Claire reports.

In an interview with Harpers Bazaar, Gaga opened up on the late designer and her belief that he helped her write new single “Born this Way”, from the grave.

“I think he planned the whole thing. Right after he died, I wrote ‘Born This Way’. I think he’s up in heaven with fashion strings in his hands, marionetting away, planning this whole thing,” she explained.

Her suspicions were aroused when the record label had to change the release date of the track to the anniversary of his death, 11th February.

‘When I heard that, I knew he planned the whole damn thing. I didn’t even write the f***ing song. He did!’

Speaking of the popular singer and ghosts, let us not forget that a few months ago Gaga said she believed that she was being haunted by an annoying ghost named Ryan.

Gaga said Ryan followed her everywhere she toured and terrified her with his constant presence. The pop star reportedly held a seance while in Ireland for her Monster Ball Tour in an attempt to get through to him.