Maid Cuts Off Employer’s Penis With a Kitchen Knife

knife in sink with blood dripping

A housemaid in Dubai has chopped off her boss’s penis with a kitchen knife.

The 78-year-old man was taken to Rashid Hospital for initial treatment as blood poured from the wound. He was then transported to Dubai Hospital where he underwent a reattachment procedure that medics said was successful.

Police said the housemaid, who was originally believed to be Ethiopian but is actually a 35-year-old Bangladeshi, confessed her crime and said she was sick of being sexually harassed. She told police that her employer had asked for a massage and had begun harassing her. She became angry, so she took a knife and attacked him.

“The woman is currently in custody on assault charges,” said Major General Khalil al Mansouri, head of the Criminal Investigations Department.

It seems that her employer had a history of sexual harassment and now faces charges of inappropriate behavior, reports 7 Days.

“Our information has revealed that some housemaids who had worked for the old man had escaped from him before. He was always complaining to police about maids running away, claiming they robbed him.

However when we questioned them they claimed that he used to harass them and had asked for sexual favors,” the official in Dubai Police said.